Unified National Constitutional Committee Slate

Unified National Constitutional Committee Slate

Following further discussions between Centre Left Grassroots Alliance organisations, there is now an agreement on a united left slate.

The LRC is urging CLPs to support the following six candidates for election to the NCC.

Nominations from CLPs close on October 28th

Voting by delegates to the 2018 LP Conference takes place from November 12th to 25th


Annabelle Harle
CLP: Cardiff West
Membership number: A002070
Annabelle has previously served as a Welsh Labour Executive Committee member, National Policy Forum member and CLP Secretary

Gary Heather
CLP: Islington North
Membership number: A006966
Gary is a Labour Councillor, has previously stood for Parliament and held positions including CLP Chair

Stephen Marks
CLP: Oxford East
Membership number: A241053
Stephen has previously served as a Labour County Councillor and held positions including Vice-chair of the District Labour Party

Khaled Moyeed
CLP: Tottenham
Membership number: L0128862
Khaleed is a Labour Councillor, who has held positions including CLP BAME Officer. He is Vice Chair of Young Labour Lawyers

Susan Press
CLP: Calder Valley CLP
Membership Number: L0017551
Susan is a lifelong Labour Left activist and Labour councillor for Todmorden in Calderdale She has previously been a CLP Chair and for years was the vice Chair of the Labour Representation Committee She is committed to improving members’ and the public’s trust in our disciplinary structures

Cecile Wright
CLP: Derby North
Membership number: A481680
Cecile is a former member of the TUC Race Relations Committee, has served on a Mental Health Trust, acted as a Trustee of the National Children's Bureau and chaired a Women's Refuge. She has held positions including CLP Vice-chair


The united slate of candidates is currently backed by: the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD), Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), Labour Briefing Co-op, Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (LCND), the LRC and Momentum.”


The LRC continues to have serious concerns about how left slates are constructed, whether by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, or parts of it, particularly the way in which Black candidates are hand-picked by predominantly white organisations with no reference to organisations of Black members. We will persist in our promotion of discussion of a better, more inclusive and democratic procedure in future, something not possible in the short time span given in which to nominate and elect candidates for this election only decided at conference.

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