LRC Statement on Labour Party NEC Elections

LRC Statement on Labour Party NEC Elections

On Sunday 6th May, a meeting of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Representation Committee decided we cannot endorse the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy/Momentum slate for the Labour Party's National Executive elections. The process whereby this slate was decided is seriously flawed, Momentum having announced its slate despite disagreement within the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, ostensibly the formation bringing together representatives of several organisations to reach consensus on a slate. Neither do we have confidence that the CLPD/Momentum slate adequately represents the Left in the Party, and in particular Black and Asian organisations in the Party.

The LRC will seek cooperation with others in the Party who share our concerns about both the process and outcome in determining candidates we can support for internal Party elections.


NEC Programme

Below are important political issues on which candidates for Labour’s NEC should be tested. These are all important demands advocated by the LRC to be implemented as part of the programme for a Corbyn-led Labour government.


·        The democratisation of the Labour Party, including annual conference to be the sovereign policy-making body and for the right of Party members to select, re-select or de-select their candidates for public office.

·        End austerity. A major shift of wealth and power in favour of ordinary people. Progressive taxes on the wealthiest in society.

·        The renationalisation of the railways, Royal Mail, water and energy companies under democratic control.

·        The removal of private business from the NHS and the ending of PFI. Greater investment in the NHS, including in mental health and social care.

·        Building a million homes over five years, including an emphasis on council house building.

·        A charter of workers’ rights based on the programme of the Institute of Employment Rights, and the abolition of all Tory anti-union laws.

·        Abolition of zero hours contracts, bogus self-employment contracts and lack of rights for agency workers.

·        A living wage, a decent state pension, and public services run to meet the needs of the many and not sold off for private profit.

·        Explicit support by the Party for workers' and community struggles.

·        A foreign policy based on peace, justice and solidarity.  Justice for the Palestinians.

·        No replacement of Trident.

·        A national education service, an end to academisation and free schools.    The abolition of student tuition fees. 

·        Protect civil liberties and greater political representation for working class people, women, LGBT people, black people and disabled people, recognising their right to self-organisation and self-determination and fighting all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

·        A green economy creating a million jobs based on renewable resources and the development of clean public transport.

·        A commitment to fighting the purge of Jeremy Corbyn supporters, including by publicly supporting the implementation by Labour of the Shami Chakrabarti report recommendations about the party’s disciplinary procedure. 


Emergency Protest – Gaza: Stop the Massacre

Emergency Protest – Gaza: Stop the Massacre

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What the local election results show