Free the Craigavon 2

Free the Craigavon 2

Both John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville were falsely convicted by a Diplock Court, which holds trials without juries. The evidence against these two men for the murder of Police Constable, Stephen Caroll, in 2009, was far too unclear so that a court with a jury would have acquitted them. In fact Brendan had a tagging device on his car of his whereabouts on the night of the murder of Stephen Carrol. But this tagging device was destroyed by British Intelligence and could not be produced during Brendan's interrogation by the police.

The statements below are as follows:

               Sharon Wootton, Mother of John Paul Wootton

My name is Sharon Wootton mother of John Paul Wootton wrongly convicted of the murder of constable Stephen Carroll on March 2009.  At the time of John Paul’s arrest he was a 17 year old teenager and wrongly taken from his family and imprisoned at Hydebank Wood young offenders centre in Lisburn.  He spent two months here and then transferred to HMP Maghaberry prison for his own safety. By this time John Paul turned 18.

 As you may understand John Paul was a quiet, helpful young teenager who found himself scared, confused and wary of this new surroundings in Maghaberry with men twice his age.  Even with these hard and difficult surroundings he tried to fit in and, after almost 10 years, he is still finding things difficult.  He has participated in prison activities e.g. Maths, learning guitar, art open university and helping a foreign national to speak English. Even though he is participating in prison activities he often finds it difficult to communicate with prison wardens and prisoners due to social anxiety. He is seeing a psychologist who sets him small tasks each week.

After undertaking these tasks he has to write down how he feels.  Even after these difficult times my son John Paul has grew into a quiet, pleasant young man who tries to see the good in everyone to this present day.  If were to speak to John Paul yourself he would tell you that he was innocent of all charges then and still to this day.  John Paul understands that Kate Carroll wants justice for her husband, but justice has not been done as it was not he that carried out this terrible deed. I as a mother of two other children know in my heart that John Paul is innocent of all charges made against him.  It has been a long nine years and I miss and think of him daily, wishing for the day when someone in authority would take a closer look at this case and send my son home to me so we could start living as a family again

             Siobhan McConville, wife of Brendan McConville

Brendan McConville one of the Craigavon Two is currently having his case reviewed by the CCRC (Criminal Cases Review Commission) he has served 9 years in Maghaberry Prison and has always maintained his innocence. 

Brendan's wife set up a online petition which has over 5,000 signatures showing support and concerns over the safety of the convictions of the Craigavon Two. Each signature generates an email to the CCRC because this is a crucial time to show public support. The case has many high profile supporters including Paddy Hill and the late Gerry Conlon who headed the campaign until his death. 

Siobhán, Brendan's wife, now leads Brendan's family led campaign and has been working with the unions in England who have pledged their support, and motions have been unanimously passed in UCU Left, RMT London and Unite. These motions have also been sent to the CCRC alongside motions passed in Dublin, South Dublin CC and a motion passed in Madrid. 

We are currently working on a written question for the European Parliament. It is vital that this Miscarriage of Justice is highlighted and supported by everyone. Any details of the case can be sort from The C 2 Facebook page along with the petition. 

We are calling on you for support: #JFTC2


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