Say NO to No Deal Brexit

Say NO to No Deal Brexit

Statement by LRC NEC

The LRC recognises that for Britain to crash out of the European Union without a deal on the terms of Brexit would be disastrous for jobs and the prosperity of working class people.

Theresa May’s government is using the threat of No Deal to blackmail Parliament into voting for her tawdry deal as the only alternative. For the past two and a half years the government has in effect imposed a dictatorship over negotiations on what has been described as the most important political decision since the Second World War. They have tried to totally exclude Parliament, and parties other than the Tories, from discussion over the negotiations and a meaningful vote on their proposed deal.

The government has recently used obstruction and delay in bringing their suggested deal before Parliament. They are now running down the clock in order to panic parliamentarians into voting for Theresa May’s deal.

Labour’s leadership also rejects May’s deal, which has been crushingly defeated in Parliament. Labour has proposed a clear alternative set of objectives as the basis for negotiations, prioritising jobs and living standards.

The government has proved itself incapable of governing. They have produced a political and constitutional crisis. Theresa May is heading what Jeremy correctly describes as a zombie government. She will not agree to withdraw No Deal as an option as it would mean losing the DUP plus the Brexit wing of her party. So this situation of deadlock seems likely to last.

This clause from Labour’s 2017 election manifesto For the Many, Not the Few remains completely true and valid:  

 “Labour recognises that leaving the EU with ‘No Deal’ is the worst possible deal for Britain and that it would do damage to our economy and trade. We will reject ‘No Deal’ as a viable option and if needs be negotiate transitional arrangements to avoid a ‘cliff-edge’ for the UK economy.”  

The demand for a new public vote, while remaining available as an option on the table, is not immediately relevant. By contrast, Jeremy's intransigence in resisting No Deal has the potential to unite us as never before. In holding firm to this position, Labour in Parliament can take the lead in cross-party moves to legislate in opposition to the current government. In practice, this may be the surest way to give teeth to Jeremy's demand and take No Deal right off the table once and for all.

The LRC stands four-square behind our leadership's proven strategy in fighting against No Deal and for a General Election and guiding our movement toward power, which may mean mobilising industrial power to bring this process to a head. Rather than leave these tasks exclusively to our MPs, the LRC resolves to play its part in helping to mobilize these additional forces. 

The LRC supports the free movement of people and opposes any discrimination on the movement of persons based on nationality. We are opposed to immigration controls. As internationalists we look forward to and work towards a socialist Europe.

Amendment moved in Parliament by the Labour Party on January 22nd to prevent a no deal Brexit:

… instructs the UK Government to secure sufficient time for the UK Parliament to consider and vote on options to prevent the UK leaving the EU without a ratified Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. Those options should include:

i) negotiating changes to the draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration so as to secure a permanent customs union with the EU, a strong relationship with the single market underpinned by shared institutions and obligations, and dynamic alignment on rights and standards, in order to command a majority in the House of Commons
ii) Legislating to hold a public vote on a deal or a proposition that has commanded the support of the majority of the House of Commons


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South Thanet: Endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt immediately!

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