LRC Conference 2019

LRC Conference 2019

We recorded over 120 people attending the LRC Conference in London on Saturday 9th February. The LRC is a fully democratic organisation with a Conference where members can move resolutions, vote on officers and issues and take part in the discussions. Momentum members take note.


Election of Officers

The President remains John McDonnell

Matt Wrack is the Chair, with Cathy Augustine and Deborah Hobson as Vice Chairs.

Treasurer: Alison McGarry

Political Secretary: Mick Brooks

Membership Secretary: Keith Henderson

Web Manager: Chris Knight/Norrette Moore (jobshare)

Administrative Secretary: Pete Firmin

Regional Reps. Northern: Patrick Hall/Simon Hewitt (jobshare)

                            Southern: Ian Malcolm-Walker

Equalities Seats. BME: Jackie Walker

                               Disabilities: Austin Harney

                               LGBT: Vacancy


The following comrades were elected to the NEC from the floor of the Conference:

Graham Bash

Andrew Berry

Terry Conway

Maria Exall

Kay Green

Ben Sellers

Angie Stack

Beverley Woodburn.


Invited Speakers

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Lauren Townsend, union activist at TGI Friday

Mick Brooks moved the NEC statement and Pete Firmin summed up the debate

Jennifer Forbes, Labour PPC for Truro and Falmouth

Romayne Phoenix from Red Green Labour

Matt Wrack, General Secretary, Fire Brigades Union

Ben Sellers introduced the Appeal to the Labour Left

Ian Hodson, President of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union summed up the Conference.

We intend to publish recordings of some of these speeches soon.



Resolutions were passed on the following topics:

Against adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Association definition of antisemitism

On the need for the LRC to produce more policy documents

A proposal for a Political Education Online Journal was remitted to the NEC for further discussion

On Trans Rights the approach adopted by the TUC and Labour leadership was agreed

For a national meeting opposing local government austerity

For a Land Value Tax

A Labour CND motion, including a commitment for Labour to sign the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban.

A motion from the FBU called for repealing the anti trade union laws and defending workers’ rights.

The full text of all the resolutions passed are on the Conference 2019 page of this website.


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Liverpool Wavertree and Luciana Berger: the facts

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