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What Andy Stands For

Last year's historic conference saw the establishment of a reserved seat on the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) for a disabled representative.

The exclusion of disabled comrades from the proceedings of much of our movement at every level, must be the main factor in the historic under-representation of disabled people in our meetings, our committees, and our elected representatives. Last year's decision is an important step in the right direction, enabling the voice of disabled people to be heard as an organic part of the arrangements for conference, enabling the party to welcome one of the historically most activist groups of comrades into the heart of our discussions.

Whether comrades need ramps, hearing loops, different colour paper, quiet refuges, palantypists, braille, personal assistants, remote access... the list goes on, this is not about tick boxes; rather it is about having the time to consult with groups of comrades, the insight into the areas of potential need, and the commitment to listen to and represent those needs.

If elected, I will work with comrades on the CAC to open up conference to ordinary, and particularly disabled members and specifically promise to: -

Work closely with Disability Labour, Disabled Forums and Disabled Branches (when established)

- Survey all members asking particularly for those who identify as disabled to respond with issues of concern

- Work to prioritise the 'built environment ' and the 'transport infrastruct ure' surrounding t he conference on the agenda

- Support Seema Chandwani's work to secure extra funding to support disabled attendees

- Make strenuous effort s to maintain 100% attendance - Report publicly on my work on the committee  

My Experience: - Longstanding Labour Party and TU Activist - Chair Birmingham (Ladywood) CLP - Member Unite West Midlands Disabled Members Committee - Former member of Disability Labour Executive - Chair Midlands TUC Inclusion Committee - TUC Disabled Workers Conference 2019 - Well versed in the rule book and in drafting - Considerable experience in conferences (Labour, Unite, TUC) and various approaches to accessibility - Process nerd!!

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Land for the Many

Land for the Many

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