An Appeal to the Labour left

An Appeal to the Labour left

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LRC statement:

At this point in our history, having achieved so much in such a short time, and yet with so much work to do, it’s vital that the Labour left is more than a cheerleader for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership. Not just for ourselves, but for Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, the Labour left needs to be a vibrant, organised and strategic partner to that leadership, both in opposition and in any future government. To do that, we must work together, constructively, through a genuine network, which covers all regions, all sections of the party and labour movement, and different political traditions within the movement.

Since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party, but especially in recent months, events have shown the need for a movement supportive of, but independent of, that leadership throughout the labour movement and campaigns.

  • A movement which values initiative, in which people think for themselves and act in the wider interests of the movement - not a stage army.

  • A movement which shares ideas and learns from each other’s successes and failures.

  • A movement which builds on the energy and experiences of those who have joined or re-joined the party since Jeremy elected leader, as well as those who have organised within the Labour Party throughout.

  • A movement committed to fight for political education within the party on a wide range of political topics – including controversial ones – in a way that promotes maximum involvement of our diverse membership.

Our movement needs to be diverse, organised and focused on campaigning:

  • One with a willingness to initiate and support action now against cuts and austerity, as well as to develop and put forward policies for the Corbyn-led Labour government we are all working to achieve.

  • One which challenges all forms of discrimination within and outside the movement, to support those organising against such discrimination, and to assist in building a movement to resist the growth of fascism and the far right in Britain and beyond.

  • One committed to working with trade unions to increase union membership, increase organisation and involvement – defending and democratising the party-union link.

  • One committed to turning the party outwards to campaigning and organising in our communities and workplaces, week in, week out – and not only when there is an election coming.

Our movement needs to put democracy and accountability at the centre of our practice:

  • One which is committed to seeing through many of the proposals in the Democracy Review, not yet developed - particularly around expanding our self-organised structures, as well as making our local government representatives fully accountable.

  • One with a willingness to fight for democracy throughout our movement, in the unions and party at every level, to involve those whose primary efforts are in their unions, as well as those who prioritise their Labour Party activism.

  • One which puts the interests, ideas and values of grassroots activists at the centre of our activity.

  • One with a belief in transparency and accountability, throughout the movement – with no exceptions.

Our movement should be based around solidarity and defence of our party, activists and class:

  • One with a willingness to challenge attacks on the movement and the integrity of individuals, whether directly from the political establishment and its friends in the mainstream media, or from opponents of the left from within the labour movement.

  • One prepared to defend those in the party or the wider movement wrongly and maliciously accused and subject to disciplinary action.

  • One determined to build a movement able and willing to defend a future Labour government elected on a manifesto like For the Many not the Few against the attacks that will undoubtedly follow.

It is not intended to create an alternative to existing organisations, but to build a network of those who accept the above, whether they are members of Labour left organisations or not. The network will act not in the interests of one group or another, but as an umbrella to organise within.

However, this is not the LRC saying “we are the answer”, but the intention to get interested parties talking and addressing the tasks facing us. If you have other ideas as to how such a discussion can develop or simply want to show your support at this point, please email us.

Appeal for a democratic Labour Left Alliance

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