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Roar 4 Matriarchy on International Women's Day

Ceremonial roar 4 matriarchy scheduled for 5.30 pm on SOAS front steps, Thornhaugh St, London WC1H 0XG. All welcome


Can you imagine a world where the life of very child was the priority – not arms merchants’ profits? Where all people in need were cared for? Where gender equality truly existed?

Modern science is showing this was the world which made us human. Our Palaeolithic heritage enabled us to invent music, language, art, religion – pretty much everything that matters.

Patriarchy is not natural and hasn't always been there. It arose recently in the life of our species, with the increase of inequalities in the Old World about 5,000 years ago.

Patriarchy is a cancer on the body of humankind and the surface of the earth. Since humans created it, humans can decide to get rid of it.

Donald Trump is threatening to visit London later this year. Let’s give him the welcome he deserves!

Come on March 8th and then join us in making sure that


If you can’t roar from central London, ROAR from wherever you are. Let’s synchronise our roars!

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