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What should and what could a Corbyn government do?

  • Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party could well win the next General Election - whenever it comes.
  • Are Labour's policies “mainstream European social democratic” or more "radical" or "extreme" than that?
  • And will a Corbyn government in practice be able to achieve what it wants given the implacable opposition of rich and powerful interest groups:- the press barons, the City and others? What is Labour doing to prepare for these challenges?
  • We are delighted to host a discussion with three people with great insight into the Corbyn project.
  • Jon Lansman, Chair of Momentum and member of NEC
  • Alex Nunns, author of The Candidate: Jeremy Corbyn’s improbable path to power
  • Maya Goodfellow, writer and researcher. Contributor to The Corbyn Effect
  • There will be plenty of time for questions and contributions from the audience.
  • St Lukes West Kilburn, Fernhead Road, London W9 3EH
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