Report of 2019 LRC Conference

 We recorded over 120 people attending the LRC Conference in London on Saturday 9th February. The LRC is a fully democratic organisation with a Conference where members can move resolutions, vote on officers and issues and take part in the discussions. Momentum members take note.


Election of Officers

The President remains John McDonnell

Matt Wrack is the Chair, with Cathy Augustine and Deborah Hobson as Vice Chairs.

Treasurer: Alison McGarry

Political Secretary: Mick Brooks

Membership Secretary: Keith Henderson

Web Manager: Chris Knight/Norrette Moore (jobshare)

Administrative Secretary: Pete Firmin

Regional Reps. Northern: Patrick Hall/Simon Hewitt (jobshare)

                            Southern: Ian Malcolm-Walker

Equalities Seats. BME: Jackie Walker

                               Disabilities: Austin Harney

                               LGBT: Vacancy


The following comrades were elected to the NEC from the floor of the Conference:

Graham Bash

Andrew Berry

Terry Conway

Maria Exall

Kay Green

Ben Sellers

Angie Stack

Beverley Woodburn.


Invited Speakers

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Lauren Townsend, union activist at TGI Friday

Mick Brooks moved the NEC statement and Pete Firmin summed up the debate

Jennifer Forbes, Labour PPC for Truro and Falmouth

Romayne Phoenix from Red Green Labour

Matt Wrack, General Secretary, Fire Brigades Union

Ben Sellers introduced the Appeal to the Labour Left

Ian Hodson, President of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union summed up the Conference.

We intend to publish recordings of some of these speeches soon.

  The full text of the resolutions passed are on the main 2019 Conference page.

Nominations and Statements

President: John McDonnell

Chair: Matt Wrack


Vice Chairs (2)

  1. Cathy Augustine

BAME woman activist, passionate campaigner for a socialist, Corbyn-led anti-austerity Labour government.

Experience from Labour Party work (Women’s Officer, Wantage CLP), local government (Didcot Town Councillor), mobilising for campaigns and demos (Organiser, Oxfordshire Refugee Solidarity, National Steering Group, KONP, Unite member). Solidarity member, JVL, contributor to Labour Briefing.

Keen to promote the influence and aims of the LRC, including through LB and establishing an Oxfordshire branch.

2. Deborah Hobson

I’m standing for the position of Vice-Chair because LRC comrades I have had the privilege of working with in the organisation have asked me to. LRC, with its roots in the founding of the Labour Party, and essential class perspective, is ideally suited to be in the leadership of the Corbyn-supporting left. We have the politics but also need diverse cadres that are active in the Party, trade unions and the community. As co-chair of Grassroots Black Left, I will bring this to the post. LRC’s ideological leadership is needed to shape and sustain a socialist Labour government in office.


Treasurer: Alison McGarry

I am standing again for the position of LRC treasurer. I am currently the chair of Islington North CLP and a member of Unite. I have held many elected positions in the Labour Party and unions for many years and I am an experienced campaigner and organiser. I wish to strengthen the LRC as a counter pressure to the forces which will wish to undermine a Corbyn led Labour Government. The LRC requires funds and I will continue to support the LRC to grow its membership, influence and thefore its funds in 2019-2020 if elected.


Political Secretary: Mick Brooks

I have been a member of the Labour party for 50 years and of the LRC since 2005. I am also a member of the West London Unite Community Branch and am active in Ealing Save our NHS.

While campaigning for a Corbyn-led Labour government, the LRC must be both supportive of the present Labour leadership and maintain an independent and critical stance. The LRC must keep and develop its role as an educator to the labour movement and fight for labour movement democracy, international solidarity and our ultimate aim - a socialist Britain.


Administrator: Pete Firmin

Retired postal worker, vice chair Brent Trades Council, chair (council) TRA. We need to build the LRC as a "critical friend" of the Labour leadership, supportive but willing, when necessary, to make clear its disagreements in comradely terms. Crucially, the LRC has to reach out to, and link up with, others on the Labour left who share this attitude. Now is the time to develop networks of activists willing to think independently, both on policy and practically on the ground. I am particularly keen that we build a campaign which argues for the defence and democratisation of the Party-union link.


Membership Secretary: Keith Henderson


Web Manager: Chris Knight/Norrette Moore (jobshare)


NEC (8) At least 4 must self-identify as female.

  1. Kay Green

Socialism requires true democracy in the Labour Party and TUs.

We need the activism of women, working class people, refugees, minority groups, environmental and anti-war groups. We need to keep everyone together, to be the real voice of the people in socialism.

We need a strong force supporting the Corbyn/McDonnell leadership, democratising and promoting Labour in its role as the people’s party.

John McDonnell asked for a left wing think-tank. We need regular, well-publicised policy-building events and debates.

I would like to help the LRC recruit widely, promote itself better, and organise to win for socialism.


2. Terry Conway

I am Islington North LGBT officer and chair of Islington Unite Community. I have been heavily involved in campaigning locally around the impact of Universal Credit and setting up a support group for claimaints and nationally in the new ecosocialist network RedGreenLabour and in Labour Women Leading. I am a supporter of Socialist Resistance.I think the LRC plays an invaluable role on the Labour Left and have attended a couple of national committee meetings this year. As an internatlonalist, ecosocialist and feminist I think I can play a constructive role as a member of the committee


3. Andrew Berry

Labour Party member since 1984. Elected member, UNISON Labour Link National Committee. Key role in getting UNISON to nominate Jeremy Corbyn in both leadership elections. TULO Islington North CLP, ward membership officer. I will continue arguing in support of the TU Link while at the same time democratise that Link. LRC to play a major role in bringing left Trade unionist from affiliated unions who are also activists in the Party together (from national political committee members to TU GC delegate) and campaign for democracy and support socialist policies in the party


4. Graham Bash

I am a founder member of the LRC and Briefing and am an officer in Jewish Voice for Labour. I have been a party member for 50 years. Our main priority is to connect the Labour left with a broader rank and file movement of support which will be crucial in the event of a Corbyn-led Labour government. Such a movement must both be supportive and independent of the party leadership, able to build a counter-pressure to the all the forces which will seek to undermine a left Labour government. We must fight for greater democracy within the party and oppose the witch-hunt.


5. George Deacon


6. Ben Sellers

I currently work for Laura Pidcock MP, having previously worked on Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership, but in reality, I see real change coming from the movement, and I think that link between a transformative Labour government and an active, organised, socialist membership is vital going forward. I have over 30 years experience in and around the Labour left, and I’ve previously been a regional & national LRC organiser, before setting up the Red Labour social media project. I think we need to work together, and pulling the left together, and pulling the left together, rather than apart, should be a key priority for us now.


7. Simon Crew

I am President of the Bristol Trades Council, a UNITE convenor and Branch Secretary and have been active in the Labour Movement since joining the Labour Party at the age of 16, including time as a Councillor and CLP Chair. Socialists have made huge progress in the Labour Party since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader, I am standing for the NEC because a robust LRC is vital in the struggle to both make the Labour Party a truly democratic member led organisation and in electing a Labour Government with Socialist principles.


8.Maria Exall

I'm a socialist and trade union activist. As a CWU member I campaign to abolish the anti union laws and for the public ownership of the Telecoms and Postal industries. I am an equalities campaigner particularly on LGBT rights. I am a feminist,  supports fighting racism and disabled peoples rights. For free movement, migrants rights and a workers Europe. I believe that a Labour Government should prioritise the renewal of public and social services and the overhaul of our cruel welfare system.


9. Angie Stack

I support Jeremy Corbyn 100% and will work with others to do all I can to ensure he is our next Prime Minister.

I am the Tulo for my CLP, Bromley & Chislehurst after standing down as the Chair after 5 years. I am proud to say it is a predominantly Left wing CLP which always supports Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell

I am also on the Unite Political Committee and Chair of Unite Branch LE/1148

I have stood 3 times as a Labour Party Candidate in local council elections within the last 9 years since I first joined the Labour Party. If selected today I promise to be very active in the LRC.


10. Steve McKenzie

Unite member, Erith and Thamesmead CLP, Jeremy Corbyn supporter, LRC member for 10 years. 

Standing for the LRC NEC because of the belief that the LRC has failed to confront issues adequately. Problems will only be overcome if they are recognised and confronted. 

Failure to do so has led:

·      to the IHRA definition of antisemitism being adopted.

·      Of open selection and other democratic reforms not being debated at Labour Conference.

·      The continuing undermining of the leadership by the right wing. 

Recognising, confronting and tackling problems is the only way forward, in my opinion.


11. Tahir Mirza

I would like to stand for National Executive committee of LRC, I am member of LRC for some time and support 100% Jeremy Corbyn and labour government.  I am also very active member of Labour party in my CLP as well as active in other part of UK. I stand for justice, fairness, transparent, democratic value and equality. I believe that my contribution will be valuable to LRC nationally and locally. I always actively involved myself to role and other duties, which come from being a dedicate member. Recently I sat on 24-hour hunger strike front of parliament for homelessness.

12. Emmet Haverly-Stacke

13. Beverley Woodburn


Northern rep: Patrick Hall

Simon Hewitt

The LRC needs to step up its efforts at this crucial time for the left. I will work with existing groups to roll out a programme of political education and speaker-based public meetings. I'll introduce an e-list and a social media presence to make organising easier.
A long-standing member of the LRC and of the Briefing editorial board, I live in Bingley, West Yorkshire. I have several decade’s experience of the Labour Party and the wider left, and a good sense of where we are and where we need to be going.

Southern Rep: Ian Malcom-Walker

LGBT Rep: no nomination


BAME rep: Jackie Walker


Disability Officer: Austin Harney

I am standing as Disability Officer and happy to job share. I am Secretary of the Labour Party Autism/Neurodiversity Committee, member of Disability Labour and TUC Disabled Workers' Committee. We must promote Disabled people's interests at all levels. We must campaign for greater adjustments at work, against the cuts in Special Educational Needs and abolish 48 hour time applications for Disabled services on transport. In addition, I campaigned for the rights of Travellers, Sex Workers and ensured that the LRC was the only group to organise a parliamentary lobby meeting for the Craigavon Two!


LB EB (6): At least 3 must self-identify as female

  1. Cathy Augustine (See NEC Nominations for Statement)

  2. Graham Bash (See NEC Nominations for Statement)

  3. Simon Hewitt (See NEC Nominations for Statement)

  4. Jackie Walker

  5. Norrette Moore

  6. Chris Knight

  7. Mike Phipps


    Auditors (2)

    Hazel Malcolm-Walker and Roger Luffman